Stores are virtual locations that contain all data corresponding to a real store. Information like timing, menu, item availability, etc. are configured in the Stores section.

To Create a Store go to Stores. Click on Add New Location.

The store creation page looks like the screenshot shown below:

In the New Business Location page, follow the pointers below.

You will have to fill in the:

  • Name: Enter the name of the location/store.
  • Address: Enter the address of the store(only for reference).
  • Merchant Ref ID: Enter the POS ID of the Store.
  • Store Timings: Required timings can be added by creating a timing group and associating the group here.
  • Ordering TimeslotsTimeslots during the day in which the store is active
  • Excluded Platforms: If required, stores You can exclude platforms from the dropdown
  • Item Association: The required items can be associated with the store by selecting the items and clicking on ">" or ">>" to associate all the items to the store.

    Once the stores are created and the items are associated, they can be integrated with the aggregators.