Categories are used to classify the items of your menu under different groups to let the customer browse the menu easily. 

Menu categories should reflect on how your physical menu is organized.  For example, let's assume you own a store where you sell the items: Garlic Bread, Cheese sticks, Margherita Pizza, Chicken Pizza, and coke. To simplify the menu, you can categorize the items as: 

  • Appetizers

- Garlic Bread 

- Cheese Sticks

  • Pizza

- Margherita Pizza

- Chicken Pizza

  • Beverages

- Coke

Here, Appetizers, Pizza, and Coke become your categories.

What is Sub - Category?

A category can be further divided into Sub-categories. In the above example, the category "Pizza", can be further divided into Veg Pizzas and Non-Veg Pizzas.

  • Pizza

          1. Veg Pizza

       - Margherita Pizza

     2. Non-Veg Pizza

      - Chicken Pizza

Here, Veg Pizza and Non-Veg Pizza are the subcategories of the parent category, Pizza. 

Here's an image to show Parent and Sub-Categories: