To create categories, make sure you’ve properly divided all items in your menu into suitable groups. Each of these groups will be created as a category.

To Create Categories, go to Ordering → Categories. Click on ADD Category.

In the New Category page, follow the pointers below.

  • Name - Enter the name of the category that needs to be created.

  • Description - Enter the description of the category.

  • Sort Order - Here you can specify a number that will decide the sequencing of the category. Depending on the sequence you add, the categories will be visible in the order: 0,1,2,3...and so on.

  • Parent Category - If this is a Sub-category choose the parent category from the dropdown.

  • Active(check) - Checkmark if the category is enabled.

  • Timing Group - If a category in the menu is available only for a brief period of time like Breakfast, Dinner it can be done by configuring a timing group and associating it here.

  • Merchant Ref ID - The ID for the category created in the POS. If there is no Ref ID required, you can configure it as -1.

  • Item Association - Choose the items that belong to the category.

    Once the categories are created and the items are associated, they can be synced to the aggregators.