Here's an article to understand all the configuration related impact of categories on different aggregators and the different constraints on each of them.


  • Swiggy has a very simple and elegant UI and doesn't have much constrain over categories. It shows only the Main Category (Parent Category). 
  • Sub Category only appears after clicking the parent category.
  • RecommendedThis category will only appear if you have configured the images and marked Is Recommended for an item.




  • All the Parent categories are shown on the top and the subcategories can be seen while scrolling through the menu.
  • BestsellersThis category is controlled by Zomato on the basis of the best selling items of the brand.



Category Timing

  • If you have some categories which are only available only for a particular time period, you can set the timing group for that category. You need to select Support for Category Schedules from the Configuration -> Business -> Swiggy/Zomato -> Support for Category Schedules. 
  • For a timing group to be applicable to a category, it should be configured on both the parent and the sub-category(in case a sub-category is associated).