Many restaurants can have items from their menu that can be customized to better suit the customer's needs while placing an order. Customizing an item can include choosing portion size, selecting flavor or adding extras to the item. This article explains the different types of customizations and how to refer to the types in the Urbanpiper system.

Types of Customizations:

Most item modifications can be handled through Variants or Add-Ons. Let us take an example to understand what Variants or Add-ons mean.

  1. Variants:
    While choosing a particular pizza, a customer will have to choose between various Pizza Sizes such as Personal, Medium. Without choosing one, he/she cannot proceed with ordering. In this instance, the different sizes are considered as variants.

  2. Add-ons:
    After choosing a size the customer then has a choice of additional toppings which he/she may or may not want. Here, the customer is not required to select any additional toppings to proceed with the order i.e. it is up to the customer if he/she wants the additional toppings or not. These are called add-ons.

Options & Option Groups

The above customizations are handled on our dashboard using Options and Option groups. In the above example "Base" will be an option group under which there are three options:- Pan, Stuffed Crust - Chicken Sausage & Stuffed Crust - Cheese Maxx.

To summarize, Options are the various choices that are available to the customer during customization (ex. extra cheese, extra paneer, etc.) whereas an Option group is a collection of Options (ex . Extra Toppings) under which the various options would exist.