Let us now see how each restaurant aggregator handles customizations and the different constraints on each of them

Constraints on customizations


  • Swiggy does not support nested option groups and options. This is solved by creating different variants as separate items on the menu.
  • An item should not have more than 4 variant groups associated with it.
  • An item should have more than one option (variant) in a variant group.

    Example: Here we have an option group - Size, which has 4 variants namely - Family, Full, Half, Large & Regular.

  • Various option groups associated with the same item cannot have similar names, different option groups should be named differently.


  • Zomato is the only aggregator which supports nested option groups and options
  • There are no other restrictions as such for customizations on Zomato

Location association of Options:

Options can also be associated with various locations. This ensures that certain customizations that aren't available at certain locations do not appear visible to a customer when an order is being placed from that particular store.

Example: Let us assume that Pizza Hut does not offer the Add-on, Baby corn in their Domlur outlet but offers it in the Koramangala outlet. If a customer is ordering from PH Domlur, he/she will not be able to view baby corn as extra toppings options since this option is marked as unavailable in Domlur.