A Discount is an essential part of a growth strategy to impact a business, to configure the same, follow the steps below

1. Configuring a Discount :

To Create a Discount go to Hub→ Platform Discounts. Click on Add New Discount.

     1.1 In the New Zomato Discount page, follow the pointers below.

  • Title: Enter the title of the discount  Eg: 10%,25%.
  • Description: Enter the description in the box.
  • Is active? : Checking the box will activate the discount & vice versa.
  • Type: There are 5 types of discounts for Zomato.

1) BOGO - The expansion of BOGO stands for Buy one get one, wherein when two BOGO items are added to the cart, the second-highest priced item is discounted from the total bill. 

2) Fixed - Fixed discount is a specific amount of discount which can be applied to a range of bill or a minimum bill. 

For eg: 100 rs would be discounted for the minimum bill of 300 rs.

3) Percentage - A particular percentage of discount is applied to a minimum or range of bills. 

For eg: 30% off on the minimum bill of 200rs or 40% discount on the bill of 400 to 800rs.

4) Fixed Dish Discount - A Fixed Dish Discount is essentially a Fixed discount but is applied to a particular chosen item or a set of items and not on the entire bill. 

For eg: Tandoori Chicken Tikka will have 40rs off on the original price of the item or dish.

Percentage Dish Discount - A Percentage Dish Discount too could be called a variation of a Percentage discount which is applied to a specific item or a specific range of items.
For eg: All the Tandoor Items will be carrying a 20% discount.

  • Value: Enter the value of the discount.
  • Is it one time use only: Checking the box will make the discount available only once per user.
  • Minimum Order Amount: Enter the minimum order amount to avail of the discount.
  • Starts on: Enter the starting date of the discount.
  • Expires on: Enter the ending date of the discount.
  • Timings group: Associate a timings group for the discount to run in a specific duration of the day.

1.2  Discount association

  • RESTRICT TO ITEMS: Move the desired items from the All Items column to the Associated items column.
  • RESTRICT TO STORES: Move the desired stores from the All stores column to the Associated store column.