What is a Location Group?

There can be certain locations under a brand that require a different set of charges or taxes from the rest of the locations. These locations with the same set of attributes can be clubbed under a location Group. The location group can then be associated with the corresponding charge or tax.

For Instance, let's assume there are 10 outlets of ABC restaurant in Banglore and they want to charge two different packaging charges on a different set of stores (i.e x packaging charge at 5 stores and y packaging charge at the rest of the stores), then in this scenario, we can create two location groups and associate the stores to each location group based on the packaging charge.

How to configure a Location Group?

To create a Location Group, go to Configurations -> Groups -> Location Groups and then click on ADD Location Group.

In the New Location Group page, follow the pointer's below

Title: Enter the title of the New Location Group.

Description: Enter the description of the Location Group.

Locations: Select the stores from the Dropdown and save.

Associating the Item Group

Once the Location Group is created, you will be able to associate it to a Charge or a Tax, by deleting the default item and location pair and associating the pair you've configured. 

Here's an article on Tax creation and Charge creation.