Zomato has introduced a new feature where restaurants will be screening the rider’s body temperature and report anomalies if any. Support for this use-case has been added to the Satellite for merchants to make use of this workflow.

Note: It is only be applicable to merchants who volunteer for this activity with Zomato, as the merchant is supposed to procure the temperature measuring device themselves.

Use Case

This feature is related to the prevailing conditions of the Covid-19 virus spread. Zomato is partnering w/ merchants to perform precautionary measures in the delivery logistics.


Check the rider body temp before handing over food. Then click the Submit Rider Body Temperature button.

If rider temp is within the threshold (99.2˚F), mark YES and hand over the food. If not, then click NO.

If the temp is above the threshold, don’t hand over the food. Reach out to Zomato’s support team who will reassign a new rider.

Here is the message that’ll show up on Satellite:

Please do not hand over the food to {{rider_name}}.
Contact Zomato Support on 011-49894800 to get a new rider assigned


  1. This feature is only supported on Satellite’s web app, not mobile.
  2. Rider temperature can only be captured when an order is marked foodready not before that.