Meal For One (MFO) is a campaign offered by Zomato where they have exclusive offers from all their partners. These offers are heavily promoted by Zomato across multiple channels (Digital, Print, CRM, etc). The campaign includes tagging an item to the respective tag which will be displayed under a separate section/tile on Zomato App.

How to tag Meal For One item?

You can create the category — Meal For One, add items for Meal For One and associate them to the category. Once the items are set up, you can create tags and tag each item based on the applicability.

For MFO items a minimum of 3 tags have to be associated, one each from — Single-serve meal time, Single-serve meal cuisine, and Dietary. An optional fourth tag (single-serve meal type, tag name: With Beverage) can be associated to determine if the item is sold with a beverage. Below is the tags glossary —

Significance of attaching a tag from each column:

Single-Serve Meal Time: Signifies which part of the day the Meal for One Item would reflect

Single Serve Cuisine: Signifies the cuisine of the meal based on the Meal for One filters on Zomato.

With Beverage: Items sold with beverages should have the tag associated so the item shows up when the filter for a meal with beverage is added on Zomato Meal for One.


  • The Item should have an original price (MarkUp Price in Quint) and reduced-price (it should always be lesser than the original price).

  •  The price of the item (combo_reduced_price) cannot be less than Rs. 50

  • The item should have an image (Dimension: 400*400) into it.

  •  All these items should be created in a different category and it shouldn't be a time-based category.

  • The Tag group name should be Zomato.