Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing the change in the trend of people getting the daily supply delivered at the doorstep. and due to this, we were getting a lot of requests from our merchants to integrate with Zomato_Market.

Zomato_Market is a hyper-local marketplace that enables SMEs and enterprises to sell Groceries, Meat, and Packed Products through its marketplace platform.

Zomato_Market requirements are as follows:

  1. It’s mandatory to configure weight (grams) for every item and option in the QUINT dashboard. (Apart from that all zomato_restaurant constraints holds true for zomato_market)

  2. All the orders from Zomato_Market will come under new platform zomatomarket and POS partners have to add a new platform zomatomarket in the POS system.

Functionality supported on Zomato_Market Integration

  1. Menu sync to update menu catalog

  2. Real-time order relay and status update

  3. Real-time item inventory control to enable/disable item

  4. Real-time rider status update.