Swiggy Stores is a hyper-local marketplace that enables SMEs and enterprises to sell Groceries, Meat, and Packed Products through its marketplace platform.

Swiggy Stores’s business requirement are as follows:—

  1. The initial menu setup, while onboarding a new outlet will be configured offline via sharing the menu CSV containing UrbanPiper’s ILPA Ids with the Swiggy Stores team.

  2. Swiggy Stores does not allow merchants to cancel an order. Merchants can only raise a request to contact the Swiggy support team, post which the Swiggy team will arranges a callback to the merchant and try to resolve the concern of merchants and then decide to either modify that order or cancel that order. [Similar to Swiggy restaurants]

  3. UrbanPiper can receive cancellations for orders only from Swiggy Stores.

  4. The Swiggy order_id remains the same for a modified order but UrbanPiper will generate a new order id and relay the order downstream to merchants.

  5. Menu catalog prices will be inclusive of taxes and charges and will support only plain items without customization.

  6. All the orders from swiggy_store will come under new platform swiggystore and POS partners have to add a new platform swiggystore in the POS system.

  7. Incase if a merchant wants to add new menu items, the merchant/OM has to share UrbanPiper ILPA external_id for the respective items with Swiggy POC.[ Similar to current Swiggy POP mapping process]

Functionality supported on Swiggy_Store Integration:—

  1. Menu sync to update menu catalog price and stock.
  2. Real-time order relay and status update.
  3. Real-time item inventory control to enable/disable the item.