Coupons provide a powerful instrument for acquiring new customers as well as increasing the affinity of existing customers. Coupons can also play a valuable role in determining the efficiency of different channels of marketing and customer adoption, by using channel-specific coupons.

The use-case associated with a coupon is to provide a discount on the current order that is being placed by the customer. A coupon is identified by an alphanumeric text, which is referred to as the coupon code. Before making the final payment for an order, it is expected that the customer will "apply" the coupon. As part of applying the coupon, the system validates the correctness of the coupon. As part of the validation process, the system runs all the configured rules to be checked and then responds with the correct discount to be applied to the order.

The discount value is applied to the sub-total value of the order. The sub-total value is the total of all the items making up the order, excluding the taxes applied on the items.

At present, the UrbanPiper platform allows you to configure coupons of 2 categories: 

  • Basic coupons and 
  • Advanced coupons.

Basic Coupons

These coupons are simple to configure and can be done through the UrbanPiper dashboard.

For every coupon, you need to specify a start and expiry date. If the start date is not specified, the coupon is active as soon as it is configured.

The redemption code associated with a coupon is a "static" code that can be used by customers to avail this coupon. Besides static codes, the UrbanPiper system also supports dynamic event-based coupons and bulk coupons.

The "type" of a coupon refers to the discount that is to be applied. The discount type can be either of: 

  • Cash discount — when these coupons are applied to a coupon, a flat discount amount is deducted from the sub-total. 
  • Percentage discount — when these coupons are applied, a percentage of the order subtotal is applied as a discount.
  • Freebie – this has been deprecated. But earlier, it was meant to support the case when an item needs to be discounted.

Finally, a coupon can be restricted to be used only once by a customer. If the "Allow multi-use" checkbox is checked, it indicates that a customer can use the same coupon any number of times.

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