This article explains the steps to follow and the things to keep in mind while configuring a coupon (for online ordering) which allows users to get a %-age discount on their order provided they've purchased a particular quantity from a set of specific items.

The promotional title for such a coupon would be something like:

  • Buy 2 Burgers and get 50% off
  • Buy 3 Medium Pepperoni pizzas and get 33% off


  • In the Quint dashboard, go to Configuration ➝ Ordering ➝ Coupons, and click on "Add Coupon"
  • Provide the basic details about the coupon and remember to set the coupon's Type as Percentage.
  • Save the coupon, after which the Rules and Actions sections will be visible.
  • Set any rule as you see fit.
  • In the Actions section, select the Item Inclusion/Exclusion option
  • Amongst the many attributes, you'll find the attributes to specify Quantity constraints:

  • You have the option of specifying only the Min Quantity value, or both Min and Max.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you are adding quantity based constraints along with Max discount constraint, the Max Qty check will be ignored, if specified.
  • The quantity check is applicable to the sum of quantities of each item. So, if the order has even 1 item, it's quantity value will be used.
  • Only the Percentage coupon type is supported for this configuration.