The order detail screen is divided into 4 key sections:

  • Order summary 
  • Items ordered 
  • Totals calculation
  • Actions 

Let's dive deep and understand what makes each of these sections. 

Order Summary

This section includes the meta-information around the order, like:

  • Order ID
  • Order Type
  • Placed On 
  • Location 
  • Status 
  • Customer Details 
  • Delivery Agent Details

Items Ordered 

This section gives the details of "what" is ordered, like:

  • Product name 
  • Product customisation (modifiers selected) - if any 
  • Quantity 
  • Total

Totals calculation

This section gives the total calculation and payment details like: 

  • Sub-total 
  • Discount 
  • Taxes
  • Charges 
  • Total 
  • Payment Mode 
  • Paid amount 


This section gives the actions that can be taken on the order, like: 

  • View complete order details
  • Print Order/KOT
  • Mark Rider body Temperature
  • Change order state