What is "thin" & "thick" client mode in Prime ?

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb, 2023 at 6:25 PM

Online ordering module covers everything a merchants needs to manage day-to-day outlet operators on 3rd party aggregators and self-branded channels. 

Depending on the merchant, this module can work in two modes: 

  • Thin client 
  • Thick client 


This is an internal doc, and not to be shared with merchants. 

The following sections outline both these two modes of operation for Prime: 

Thin Clients 

Merchants who are not using Prime as a POS or Inventory system. These merchants can be Hub/OMS merchants. For them, Prime will operate in a Thin client mode.

This means: 

  • Register will be required to tracking order.  
  • Catalogue will not be managed from Prime 
  • Prime will not permanently store any order data. It'll fetch this data from Codex on-demand basis, like the legacy Satellite.
  • Prime will not store more than 1 day's order data.
  • Stock status will not be stored in Prime, but will be directly fetched from Codex. 
  • Locations in Prime will be in sync with Codex — as they are required for Prime to manage users and accesses. 

Thick Clients

Merchants who are using Prime as a POS/ Inventory module. For them Prime will operate in Thin client mode.

This means: 

  • Catalogue will be managed from Prime. It'll be pushed from Prime to Aggregators (while passing through Codex, in a seamless way).
  • Order tracking module will go inside the POS module. Which means, registers will be required to operate with this module.
  • Every order item will correspond to an item in Prime.
  • Order data will be stored in Prime. Order's will also be converted into Bills in this mode.
  • Stock status will also be stored in Prime, along with being sent to Codex. What this means is this information will be fetched from the Prime's local system while displaying it to the user. When the user makes a change, it will first be updated in Prime — and then — sent to Codex.

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