How to create a marketing campaign?

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A campaign is a marketing message that you can share through SMS, email, App push notification, or Web push notification.

Start a marketing campaign

A marketing campaign can be started in one of the following ways:

  1. Start a regular campaign with —Create Campaign— button on the campaign page

2. Start a campaign with a segment from the Segment Gallery

Setup & Design campaign

The campaign builder in Atlas is designed to work on different parts of the campaign, in any order, and review everything at once before sending out the campaign.

There are 4 major things to do before sending out the campaign: 

  • Compose campaign message 
  • Select the target audience
  • Schedule campaign
  • Set up conversion tracking 

> Compose campaign message

First up - Select the mode of the campaign. As of now, Atlas supports 4 modes of the campaign, namely  SMS, Email, App push notification & Web Push notification. 

Once the mode of the campaign is finalized, one can start composing the message that they would want to share with their customers.

Atlas message composer also support dynamic content. For adding dynamic content simply hit the `{ ` button, a drop-down of all the available dynamic content types will appear - select the one that needs to be embedded into the message. And it's done!

> Select the target audience

Atlas, allows users to work with target audience two ways: 

1. Target all the customers OR Create an ad-hoc segment - while creating a campaign

By default, all customers are selected in a new campaign (unless you have started the campaign from a segment, as explained here). The audience can be selected on an ad-hoc basis by simply clicking on the — Select all the customers who match All/Any of the conditions below — checkbox. Once this checkbox is selected the segmentation view gets activated and one can very easily select the customer they want to target by applying filters.

2. Re-use a previously saved segment from the segment-gallery

From within the campaign creation flow, it is possible to access previously saved segments from the Segment gallery - simply by clicking the Segment Gallery button. Clicking on any of the segments will select that segment for the campaign.

> Schedule Campaign

There can be two types of campaign: 

1. One-off campaigns

These are campaigns that will run only once. They can either be executed right away, or they can be scheduled for a specific date and time in the future.

2. Recurring campaigns

These are campaigns that will repeat over a defined time period. These campaigns can also have a start and end date.

> Set up Conversion Tracking

Once the campaign has been defined and scheduled, then before starting the campaign execution - one needs to define the campaign conversion tracking policy.

For setting up conversion tracking policy for a campaign, two things need to be defined: 

1. Conversion Event

The event should be considered as a conversion event for all the customers who received the campaign. It can be — online order, in-store purchase, or coupon applied.

Based on the event that is chosen a campaign report is created once the campaign executes successfully.

2. Conversion Time 

This is the time period for which Atlas should compute the campaign conversion. It can be — 1 day, 5 days, or 10 days.

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