Customer segmentation is filtering customers based on common characteristics — so that one can market each group effectively & appropriately. 

With Atlas, customers can be filtered into groups (segments), by specifying one or more characteristics. Broadly, there are 4 major criteria groups for applying filters: 

  1. User Profile 
  2. Online Ordering Data
  3. In-Store Purchases 
  4. Feedback

Each of these criteria groups comprises a set of filters that can be used to filter customers using finer controls. 

To define a customer segment, one can apply a filter or a combination of a few filters, based on the use-case.

In Atlas, segments can be created in the following two ways: 

  • Create a new segment from the segment gallery
  • Create an ad-hoc segment while designing a marketing campaign

Create a new segment from the segment-gallery

Segments created from segment gallery are saved into — My Segment — section. These saved segments can then be used in multiple campaigns, over and over again as required.

Create ad-hoc segments while configuring Campaigns

Segments can also be created within the context of a campaign. Segments created in such a manner are limited to a particular campaign and are not reusable. These segments will not show up as part of your saved segments.