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Recipe for a product is the set of ingredients that you use to make that item. You can create a recipe for:

  1. Final product - This is the product that you sell. 
  2. Intermediate product - This is the intermediate product like, a cake sponge, to be used while preparing a cake.
  3. Modifier of a product - This is the modifier of the product, like, a medium or a small of a Pizza.

Following are the details that make a recipe:

  • Product - This is the product for which a recipe is being added.
  • Yield - This is the total units of products that will be made from a given recipe.
  • Ingredients  - These are the raw materials or intermediate products that will be used to prepare the product.


Associated location

The locations where the recipe for a product is being associated with. When the recipes are associated with certain locations, then the ingredient stock gets reduced when a product is sold at that location. 

If you don't see a location, then you should reach out to the administrator for giving you permission to add/update recipes on that location. 

Prepare recipes

A recipe can be prepared at any location. Marking a recipe prepared will reduce the stock of its ingredients at that location. More about preparing a recipe can be found here

Archiving a recipe

An added recipe can be archived as well. This can be done by clicking on the recipe. And clicking the Archive button on its details pane.

Export recipes

You can export the recipes of products, intermediates, or product modifiers by clicking on the three-dots button and then clicking on the desired export button.  


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