Order Life Cycle

When an order is placed, it goes through different stages of processing before reaching the end customer. This journey can be termed as Order Life Cycle. 

Below is a basic flow of an Order Life Cycle.

The order originates from the customer involving the restaurant, the delivery team, and finally ends with the customer.

As the order life cycle involves multiple teams handling an order, it becomes necessary to implement a way to track the status of the order inside the order life cycle.

Order Status

An order status signifies the stage of order in the Order Life Cycle and is the mere process of an order transitioning from one Order Status to another.

These are examples of a few Order Statuses.

  1. Placed: The order is placed by the customer and the restaurant can start preparing it.
  2. Food Ready: The order is ready for the customer.
  3. Dispatched for Delivery: The order has been picked-up to be delivered to the customer.
  4. Completed: The order has reached the customer (Marking the end of the order-life cycle)