Sales settings

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 06:09 PM

Sales settings include the following controls: 

  • Can edit sales price? 
    Can sales price be edited when making sales?

    Available options: 
    • Yes, they can edit 
    • No, they can't edit

  • Allow sales below cost?
    Can sales be made for price lower than cost? This ensures discounted sales can never be below the cost price of items.

    Available options:
    • Yes, they can sell
    • No, they can't sell

  • Can sell without enough stock?
    Can items be sold without enough stock? Stock count will become negative in this case

    Available options: 
    • Yes, they can
    • No, they can't
  • Should bill date be register date?
    If set, the bill date will be the date the register session was opened and not the actual calendar at the time of bill creation

    Available options 
    • Yes, register date 
    • No, calendar date

  • When can bills be voided?
    Bill void is when you want to cancel a bill because of an error like invalid data entry or invalid sale.

    Available options 
    • Before Register closes
    • 1 day after sale 
    • 2 day after sale 
    • Anytime

  • Enable Layaway Bills?
    Layaway bills allow you to put away an item till a customer completes the payments on the bill. On completion the layaway bill is converted to a sales bill

    Available options 
    • Yes, enable Layaway bills 
    • No, disable Layaway bills

  • Enable Sales Commission?
    Enable this module if you want to give sales commission to your staff. You can create multiple rules and configure how to give the commission.

  • Bill Subtype
    Bill Subtypes allow you to specify a further grouping to bills like Delivery DineIn, etc.

    Available options: 
    • Disable Bill Subtypes
    • Enable Bill Subtypes

      Use the Add button to ad more bill subtypes:

  • Bill in other currencies?
    This can be used to print bill total in other currencies. However all calculations will still be done in the base currency
    To add multiple currencies, Enable this option and save. Then you will be able to add other currencies.

    Available options: 
    • Disable multiple currencies 
    • Enable other currencies

      Use Add New button to add other currencies along with conversion ratios

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