Modifiers, Modifier-groups (Add-ons & variants)

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb, 2023 at 6:07 PM

Modifiers are added to items, when they come in different options. Each combination of the modifiers, is an sell-able entity. 

The collective group of modifiers is called modifier-group. 

Now, modifiers-groups can be of two types: Variants or Add-ons

  • Variants 
    These are modifier-groups that change the way an item is sold.

    For example, a Pizza item can have size as smallmediumlarge. These are three variants of the same Pizza item. Now when the customer select a variant of the Pizza item, it changes the way you sell the same Pizza item.

  • Add-ons
    These are modifier-groups that are additional to the base item that is sold.

    For example, a Pizza item can have  toppings like Onions, Capsicum, Jalapenos, Chilis, Paneer etc. There are additional modifications that can be done to the base item. Now when the customer selects add-on(s), you sell the base item along with the additional add-ons selected.

Following are the details that make modifier group: 

  • Modifier group type - can be either a variant group or an add-on group 
  • Min Selectable, Max Selectable - this is the applicable range in which the customer can select add-ons (*only applicable for add-ons) 
  • Title - this is the display name of modifier group 
  • Handle - this a unique identifier for your modifier-group, which can be used at different places across Prime for referencing it. This is also an editable field.
  • Sort Order -  this the position index of the modifier-group inside its parent item.
  • Description - this is description to your modifier group. 

Following are the details that make modifiers:  

  • Title - this is the display name of the modifier.
  • Default Price - this is modifier base price. This price can be over-ridden at location level.
  • Food Type -  food type can be veg, non-veg or egg. This is mandatory field that need to be filled for a modifier.
  • Sort Order - this the position index of the modifier inside its parent modifier-group.

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