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Locations can be your: 

  • Dark kitchens (or cloud kitchen)
  • Food Trucks
  • Take-away stores 
  • Dine-in stores 
  • Base kitchens 

With Prime, you can setup multiple locations for:

  • Selling goods and services - online/in-store 
  • Managing or tracking inventory 

Following are the details that make a location: 

  • Title - this is the display name of your location (usually set to the area name).
  • Handle - this a unique identifier for your location, which can be used at different places across Prime for referencing it. This is also an editable field. 
  • Address - this is the address of your location. 
  • City - this is the city where your location is situated 
  • Tag - these are free-flowing labels that can be added to your locations. They are useful in places where you want to do a bulk action after applying a location filter on tag. 

Things that can be associated with a location: 

  1. Catalogue 
    This is the menu associated to a location - which can be sold at a location. Catalogue association with location is made by its item (& their modifier's association with location).

  2. Floor Plan
    If the location has a dine-in module where the restaurant is doing table management, then they can create a floor plan of the location. A floor plan constitutes of floors and tables on each floor.

  3. Registers 
    If the location has any kind of the in-store setup (dine-in, take-away, food-truck) they configure registers on the location. Registers are the POS terminals that the cashiers/store-operators can log-into and punch in orders.

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